LubanCat I.MX6ULL

by EmbedFire

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Meet the new i.MX6ULL ARM Cortex A7 processor from NXP, it is a high performance and power-efficient processor with a frequency up to 800MHz!

The NPi i.MX6ULL Dev Board is a low power consumption Linux single board computer built around the powerful i.MX6ULL. You would love the onboard 512MB DDR3L and 512MB NAND, not to mention the rich interfaces and I/O resources.

The whole board is made by a core module and a breakout board, and the components are all industrial grade.

The core module is composed of the i.MX6ULL core and 512MB DDR3L, 512MB NAND FLASH(or 8GB eMMC).

The breakout board mainly includes various peripheral interfaces and input and output, IO expansion. Including but not limited to two 100M ethernet port, one USB Host and one USB OTG port, one 24bit RGB LCD Interface, 2x 40 Pin I/O expansion header, etc. Such a wealth of resources will meet your various control needs. All those features make it a perfect solution for industrial control, rail transit, drone control, and audio output, etc.

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Adafruit Blinka Installation

We use a special library called adafruit_blinka (named after Blinka, the CircuitPython mascot) to provide the layer that translates the CircuitPython hardware API to whatever library the Linux board provides.

For example, on Raspberry Pi we use the python RPi.GPIO library. For any I2C interfacing we'll use ioctl messages to the /dev/i2c device. For SPI we'll use the spidev python library, etc. These details don't matter so much because they all happen underneath the adafruit_blinka layer.