by ARAMCON Badge Team

Image of Board

nRF52840-Based Smart Badge with Bluetooth, 2.9” ePaper Display, Neopixels, SAO support, and more!


  • Nordic nRF52840 Cortex M4 Module(E73-2G4M08S1C)
  • 2.9 inch e-paper glass display(GDEW029T5)
  • I²C Accelerometer(LIS2DH12)
  • 128MBit Serial Flash(W25Q128JV)
  • SAO V1.69BIS Connector
  • 8-Pin extension slot (on the back)
  • 5 x 6mm Push Buttons
  • 2 x WS2812B “NeoPixel” Addressable RGB LEDs
  • 1 x Green Indication LED
  • Reset Button
  • Vibration motor


Not available for direct purchase. The badge was given to all attendees of the ARAMCON2 conference.

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CircuitPython 7.0.0

This is the latest stable release of CircuitPython that will work with the ARAMCON2 Badge.

Start here if you are new to CircuitPython.

Release Notes for 7.0.0

Built-in modules available: _bleio, adafruit_bus_device, adafruit_pixelbuf, aesio, alarm, analogio, atexit, audiobusio, audiocore, audiomixer, audiomp3, audiopwmio, binascii, bitbangio, bitmaptools, board, busio, countio, digitalio, displayio, errno, fontio, framebufferio, getpass, json, keypad, math, microcontroller, msgpack, neopixel_write, nvm, onewireio, os, paralleldisplay, pulseio, pwmio, rainbowio, random, re, rgbmatrix, rotaryio, rtc, sdcardio, sharpdisplay, storage, struct, supervisor, synthio, terminalio, time, touchio, traceback, ulab, usb_cdc, usb_hid, usb_midi, vectorio, watchdog

Absolute Newest

Every time we commit new code to CircuitPython we automatically build binaries for each board and language. The binaries are stored on Amazon S3, organized by board, and then by language. Try them if you want the absolute latest and are feeling daring or want to see if a problem has been fixed.

Past Releases

All previous releases are listed on GitHub, with release notes, and are available for download from Amazon S3. They are handy for testing, but otherwise we recommend using the latest stable release. Some older GitHub release pages include the same binaries for downloading. But we have discontinued including binaries as assets on newer release pages because of the large number of files for each release.