CP Sapling M0

by Oak Development Technologies

Image of Board

Finally, a tree that runs CircuitPython? YEP! Now you can get working in CircuitPython fast with our new CircuitPython compatible development board featuring the popular Microchip AT SAM D21 microcontroller.

Providing quick and easy access to SPI and I2C (pins + Stemma/Qwiic connector) so you can get your project off the ground in no time.

This board also comes with the SOIC-8 pads available on the bottom of the board to enable it to expand storage with SPI FLASH!

  • ATSAMD21E18 32-bit Cortex M0+ - 48 MHz 32 bit processor with 256KB Flash and 32 KB RAM
  • Native USB supported by every OS - can be used in CircuitPython as USB serial console, MIDI, Keyboard/Mouse HID, even a little disk drive for storing Python scripts.
  • Can be used with CircuitPython (Arduino coming soon!)
  • Built in BIG 3535 RGB NeoPixel LED
  • 8 GPIO pins:
    • 2 x 12-bit analog inputs (SDA/SCL do not have analog inputs)
    • 8 x PWM outputs
    • Hardware I2C port with STEMMA QT plug-n-play connector
    • Hardware SPI
  • 3.3V regulator with 500mA peak output
  • [Optional SOIC-8 SPI Flash chip on bottom]
  • Reset switch for starting your project code over or entering bootloader mode



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CircuitPython 7.0.0

This is the latest stable release of CircuitPython that will work with the CP Sapling M0.

Start here if you are new to CircuitPython.

Release Notes for 7.0.0

Built-in modules available: analogio, board, busio, digitalio, math, microcontroller, neopixel_write, nvm, onewireio, os, pwmio, rainbowio, random, rotaryio, rtc, storage, struct, supervisor, time, touchio, usb_cdc, usb_hid, usb_midi

Absolute Newest

Every time we commit new code to CircuitPython we automatically build binaries for each board and language. The binaries are stored on Amazon S3, organized by board, and then by language. Try them if you want the absolute latest and are feeling daring or want to see if a problem has been fixed.

Past Releases

All previous releases are listed on GitHub, with release notes, and are available for download from Amazon S3. They are handy for testing, but otherwise we recommend using the latest stable release. Some older GitHub release pages include the same binaries for downloading. But we have discontinued including binaries as assets on newer release pages because of the large number of files for each release.