Luatos Core ESP32C3

by Luatos

Image of Board

A low-cost WiFi/BLE board based on ESP32-C3.


  • Based on the ESP32-C3 WIFI & Bluetooth LE RISC-V Single-Core CPU
  • Type-C USB
  • Castellated pads
  • 4MB Flash
  • Clock speed: 160 Mhz
  • 15x Digital IO
  • ADC(5 channel, 12-bit), I2C, SPI, UARTx2
  • Size: 21mm x 51mm
  • Default firmware: LuatOS
  • 2 red status LEDs


There are 2 versions of this board, differing in the inclusion of a CH343 UART to USB component. This board definition targets the version without the CH343 which connects the built-in USB-CDC/JTAG to the USB-C connector.

Onboard LDO can be disabled by grounding the PWB pin (15).

GPIO11 can only be used by setting the EFUSE_VDD_SPI_AS_GPIO efuse and building a custom Circuitpython image.

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CircuitPython 8.0.0-beta.6

This is the latest unstable release of CircuitPython that will work with the Luatos Core ESP32C3.

Unstable builds have the latest features but are more likely to have critical bugs.

Release Notes for 8.0.0-beta.6

Built-in modules available: _asyncio, _bleio, _pixelmap, adafruit_bus_device, adafruit_pixelbuf, aesio, analogio, array, atexit, audiocore, audiomixer, binascii, bitbangio, bitmaptools, board, builtins, busio, canio, collections, digitalio, displayio, dualbank, errno, fontio, framebufferio, getpass, hashlib, i2ctarget, ipaddress, json, keypad, math, mdns, microcontroller, msgpack, neopixel_write, nvm, onewireio, os, ps2io, pulseio, pwmio, rainbowio, random, re, rgbmatrix, rtc, sdcardio, select, sharpdisplay, socketpool, ssl, storage, struct, supervisor, synthio, sys, terminalio, time, touchio, traceback, ulab, vectorio, watchdog, wifi, zlib

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