Open Hardware Summit 2020 Badge


Image of Board

This is the badge for the Open Hardware Summit in NYC on on March 13th. Conference Link

It is going to be in a wrist watch form factor with several awesome features.

  • Rigado BMD340 (Nordic nRF52840)
  • 1.54” LCD
  • 4 user buttons
  • BME680 Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity sensor
  • APDS-9960 Gesture Sensor
  • LSM9DS1 9DoF IMU
  • SPH0645LM4H-B Microphone (Optional)
  • Sparkfun QWIIC connector
  • LiPo Charger


Not available for direct purchase. The badge will be given to all attendees of the Open Hardware Summit!


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CircuitPython 5.0.0-beta.5

This is the latest unstable release of CircuitPython that will work with the Open Hardware Summit 2020 Badge.

Unstable builds have the latest features but are more likely to have critical bugs.

Release Notes for 5.0.0-beta.5

Absolute Newest

Every time we commit new code to CircuitPython we automatically build binaries for it. They are stored on Amazon S3 by language (some which may be unreleased.) Try them if you want the absolute latest and are feeling risky.

Past Releases

All previous releases are available on GitHub. They are handy for testing but we recommend the latest stable otherwise.