StackRduino M0+ PRO

by StackRduino

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StackRduino M0+ PRO is an open source Development board based on the ATSAMD21G18 for Arduino & Circuit-Python packed with features & comes with many stackable shields

With support for Adafruit CircuitPython, Arduino IDE, and other libraries the StackRduino M0+ PRO is able to act as a single solution for all projects great and small.

  • SAMD21G18 Processor. This is the same chip used in many Adafruit Feather designs.
  • 256KB of FLASH + 32KB of RAM
  • USB C power and data
  • Built-in battery charger & LiPo Fuel Gauge
  • 8MB Flash Storage for CircuitPython
  • 32.768 KHz crystal for clock generation & RTC
  • DUAL 3.3V regulator with 700mA peak current output each
  • APDS9960 RGB, proximity and gesture sensor
  • BME680 Environmental Sensor
  • BNO055 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU
  • You also get tons of pins - 20 GPIO pins
  • Hardware Serial, hardware I2C, hardware SPI support
  • PWM outputs on all pins
  • 6X 12-Bit Analog Inputs
  • 1X 10-bit analog ouput (DAC)
  • Qwiic/STEMMA-QT connector for fast I2C connectivity

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CircuitPython 7.0.0

This is the latest stable release of CircuitPython that will work with the StackRduino M0+ PRO.

Start here if you are new to CircuitPython.

Release Notes for 7.0.0

Built-in modules available: adafruit_pixelbuf, analogio, atexit, audiobusio, audiocore, audioio, board, busio, digitalio, displayio, errno, fontio, getpass, math, microcontroller, neopixel_write, nvm, onewireio, os, paralleldisplay, pulseio, pwmio, rainbowio, random, rotaryio, rtc, storage, struct, supervisor, terminalio, time, touchio, traceback, usb_cdc, usb_hid, usb_midi

Absolute Newest

Every time we commit new code to CircuitPython we automatically build binaries for each board and language. The binaries are stored on Amazon S3, organized by board, and then by language. Try them if you want the absolute latest and are feeling daring or want to see if a problem has been fixed.

Past Releases

All previous releases are listed on GitHub, with release notes, and are available for download from Amazon S3. They are handy for testing, but otherwise we recommend using the latest stable release. Some older GitHub release pages include the same binaries for downloading. But we have discontinued including binaries as assets on newer release pages because of the large number of files for each release.