Unexpected Maker TinyC6

by Unexpected Maker

Image of Board

Introducing the TinyC6 - The Mighty Tiny ESP32-C6 based development board!

Features & Specifications

  • 32bit RISC-V High Performance core @ up to 160Mhz
  • 32bit RISC-V Low Power core @ up to 20Mhz
  • 2.4GHz Wifi 6 - 802.11ax
  • BLE 5.3 + Mesh
  • Zigbee and Thread (802.15.4)
  • 8MB QSPI Flash
  • 512K SRAM
  • 700mA 3.3V LDO Regulator
  • Low power RGB LED
  • ULTRA LOW Deep Sleep Current
  • USB-C Connector with back-feed protection
  • UART + USB Serial JTAG
  • LiPo Battery Charging
  • JST pads on the back supports PH connector
  • VBAT and 5V Sense Pins
  • 17 GPIO
  • Only 35 x 18mm in size
  • Compatible with TinyPICO, TinyS2 & TinyS3
  • Available with 3D High Gain Antenna or u.FL for external Antenna

You can find out more about the TinyC6 at tinyc6.io


You can purchase your very own TinyC6 from:


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CircuitPython 9.1.0

This is the latest stable release of CircuitPython that will work with the Unexpected Maker TinyC6.

Use this release if you are new to CircuitPython.

Release Notes for 9.1.0

Built-in modules available: _asyncio, _bleio, _pixelmap, adafruit_bus_device, adafruit_pixelbuf, aesio, alarm, analogbufio, analogio, array, atexit, audiomp3, binascii, bitbangio, bitmapfilter, bitmaptools, board, builtins, builtins.pow3, busdisplay, busio, busio.SPI, busio.UART, canio, codeop, collections, countio, digitalio, displayio, dualbank, epaperdisplay, errno, espidf, espnow, fontio, fourwire, framebufferio, frequencyio, getpass, gifio, hashlib, i2cdisplaybus, io, ipaddress, jpegio, json, keypad, keypad.KeyMatrix, keypad.Keys, keypad.ShiftRegisterKeys, keypad_demux, keypad_demux.DemuxKeyMatrix, locale, math, max3421e, mdns, microcontroller, msgpack, neopixel_write, nvm, onewireio, os, os.getenv, ps2io, pulseio, pwmio, rainbowio, random, re, rotaryio, rtc, sdcardio, select, sharpdisplay, socketpool, ssl, storage, struct, supervisor, sys, terminalio, time, touchio, traceback, ulab, usb, vectorio, warnings, watchdog, wifi, zlib

Included frozen(?) modules: neopixel

Absolute Newest

Every time we commit new code to CircuitPython we automatically build binaries for each board and language. The binaries are stored on Amazon S3, organized by board, and then by language. These releases are even newer than the development release listed above. Try them if you want the absolute latest and are feeling daring or want to see if a problem has been fixed.

Previous Versions of CircuitPython

All previous releases of CircuitPython are available for download from Amazon S3 through the button below. For very old releases, look in the OLD/ folder for each board. Release notes for each release are available at GitHub button below.

Older releases are useful for testing if you something appears to be broken in a newer release but used to work, or if you have older code that depends on features only available in an older release. Otherwise we recommend using the latest stable release.