If you'd like to contribute to the CircuitPython project, the CircuitPython libraries are a great way to begin. This page is updated with daily status information from the CircuitPython libraries, including open pull requests, open issues and library infrastructure issues.

Do you write a language other than English? Another great way to contribute to the project is to contribute new localizations (translations) of CircuitPython, or update current localizations, using Weblate.

If this is your first time contributing, or you'd like to see our recommended contribution workflow, we have a guide on Contributing to CircuitPython with Git and Github. You can also find us in the #circuitpython channel on the Adafruit Discord.

Have an idea for a new driver or library? File an issue on the CircuitPython repo!

Current Status for Tue, May 21, 2024

Library Infrastructure Issues

The following are issues with the library infrastructure. Having a standard library structure greatly improves overall maintainability. Accordingly, we have a series of checks to ensure the standard is met. Most of these are changes that can be made via a pull request, however there are a few checks reported here that require changes to GitHub settings. If you are interested in addressing any of these issues, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

If you're looking for a Good First Issue to begin contributing, consider the two issues related to example naming: "Example file(s) missing sensor/library name." and "Missing simpletest example." Every repo should have a file in the examples folder at a minimum. Any other included examples should be prefixed with libraryname_ so all examples found in any given repo folder start with the library name followed by an underscore. The GitHub end of things is a simple fix, however, please be aware many examples are linked in Learn guides. You should mention in your pull request that it is possible that guides will require updating to match the new example name.